Privacy Policy

Wingit respects your privacy and neither collects any of your data nor tracks its users.

At least for now Wingit is a consume-only App, as such there's very little personal or personally identifiable data to begin with. There are no logins, no tracking cookies, and your location data is used only on your device. The only time Wingit transmits and stores any data on a need-to-know basis is when you're explicitly using the built-in feedback functionality. Specifically, this means some device metadata, such as screen resolution and model, however does not include any location or otherwise sensitive information.

If you somehow stumbled upon this page, this is the same information you'll find front and center on Wingit's landing page re-published to meet PlayStore policies. This policy applies to "Wingit - Paragliding Map" by "Poultry Industries". If you have any questions regarding the App or how it handles privacy, you can always send a quick mail to [email protected].