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The Swiss Army knife for your next flying adventure. Sites, live conditions, forecasts, airspaces, glide range and more in one place. Wingit works well on spotty connections or even offline, letting you pivot on the go.

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Flying Sites

Plan Adventures around 26.000+ Flying Sites Worldwide

Wingit combines a large number of flying sites from DHV,, and paragliding365 and offers XC planning features to help you optimize your flights and explore new areas. You can quickly narrow your selection based on exposure, rating, and difficulty to quickly find what works best whenever and wherever.
Live Conditions

Live Conditions from 9.000+ Weather Stations, Rain Radar, and Webcams Worldwide

Whether you're about to head out for your next epic cross-country flight or you're at takeoff and want to make sure it's safe to fly down to the next valley, Wingit lets you keep an eye on the conditions all around you with real-time wind information, live rain radar, and webcams.
Live Tracking

Monitor the Skys with SafeSky Live Tracking

Follow friends or see where folks are flying with live air traffic from SafeSky. SafeSky is unique - it not only aggregates information from many sources, such as FLARM beacons, but using their free App you can be seen by other aircraft without special hardware.

SafeSky is also a technology leader around the anticipated U-space, a future airspace for civil drones, ensuring that you'll be able to see drones and drones will be able to see you.
Safety and Glide Range Calculator

Safer Flying with Global Glide Range Coverage and Obstacles*

Can you make it to the closest landing, the car, or public transport station? When exploring new areas, on a lower-performing wing, or in weak conditions, Wingit helps you figure out what is safely within glide range.

When calculating your range, Wingit will download a slice of the elevation model onto your device enabling offline re-evaluations for spots nearby. This means that once out and about, you can always check other takeoff options given the conditions without relying on a connection.

* Obstacles are currently available in Switzerland only.

Airspaces & Airports

Airspaces and Airports Worldwide

Wingit gives you access to more than 21.000 airspaces and 46.000 airports at a glance based on OpenAIP and SHV/FSVL (for Switzerland).

Tapping the map, Wingit shows you the vertical structure allowing you to better understand the layering and to find that corridor. Airspaces are updated every few hours automatically based on above providers. We cannot no guarantee their correctness or completeness. Always check with your local authoritative sources before takeoff.
Skyways & Thermals

Skyways, Thermal Maps and Thermal Hotspots

KK7's excellent Skyways heat map and thermal maps provide quick access to where folks fly long distances, where to cross valleys, and where to find lift depending on the time of year.

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